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Mac mini

The Mac Mini, a powerful computer concentrated in a small device that you can connect to several monitors at the same time. Take advantage of our discount on the new Apple Mac Mini and buy it much cheaper.

Mac mini

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Mac mini

‹‹Getting bigger on the inside›› is the motto that Apple has designed to accompany the launch of its new Mac Mini , the brand's small CPU that has now grown in quality and quantity, but has shrunk in economy. Long live the renewal! Apple does know how to improve itself, this time it was the turn of the Mac Mini who boasts a new Apple M1 processor chipset to reach the power of any of its portable equipment, now, the small desktop computer, in its usual small body , has 3 times more power and unbeatable graphics. With abysmal speed, the small Mac CPU has obtained a 6x improvement in graphics , ideal for all the games and video programs that you want to develop on your computer, but of course that is not everything and that is why it also doubled its storage. Completely self-contained and versatile, the Mac Mini comes in a modest case and features a more advanced Neural Engine to augment—as if it were possible—the artificial intelligence of Apple desktops. The new generation of Mac Mini could not be missing this year, the company that renewed most of its equipment also wanted to make a leap with its M1 processor, adding Apple Silicon chipset technology and 8th generation Intel processors . Your already extended hard drive capacity is now repowered. The ideal tool to work, study and create content through any software with 15 times better machine learning. Meet the new Mac Mini below!

Features of the Mac Mini

Let's start with the processor, the most striking and new of the Mac Mini 2020, this time the Apple CPU has an M1 chip, Octa-core that works as CPU and GPU and a Neural Engine with 16 cores, much more power, intelligence and speed . The memory of the equipment has been renewed and now presents two versions, one of 8GB and one of 16GB , yes! It has doubled its capacity. As for storage, it has a 256 GB and a 512 GB SSD . Graphics at the speed of light! Its video compatibility is 6k or 60 Hz via Thunderbolt connection and 4K or 60 Hz via HDMI 2.0 connection . Any video game, movie or audiovisual content is reproduced in excellent quality and in real time. So that's how Apple designed the new Mac Mini to handle 2 Pro Display XDR displays at 6K quality, read Xcode ciphers much faster, and optimize Final Cut Pro twice as much for every designer or content creator. For an unparalleled experience, an integrated speaker has also been added , however it has an HDMI 2.0 port and a 3.5 mm Jack , if you want to connect a stereo there will be no problem, you will be able to amplify the sounds and enjoy the view with your Mac Mini . The Mac Mini has 2 USB-A ports and has connectivity with Wi-Fi6 802.11ª/b/g/n/ac/ax networks, Bluetooth 5.0 and Ethernet , it also has the specialized security tool of the M1 chip called Secure Enclave . Its dimensions have not changed at all, it still has a compact and practical size. It weighs 1.2kg and measures 3.6cm x 19.7cm x 19.7cm. As something new, the Mac Mini will include the introduction of 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD, this will space much more the capacity of the computer, comparable to MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptops.

Essential features of the new M1 chip for Mac Mini

Finally, Apple installed its special and unique chip for Mac products, this small but powerful element has 16,000 million transistors capable of bringing together the CPU, GPU and Neural Engine units. An automated machine! Inside a small 5 nanometer chip. This classifies it as a high-end product. Its efficiency, speed and quality positions it at the top of the IT teams capable of developing an infinity of software available for any operating system. Without a doubt, Mac has reinvented itself in this opportunity to provide exclusive technology to its users. Despite the fact that the Mac CPU continues to have its modest dimensions , with its already quite advanced qualities and even with the popularity that it obtained since its previous generation in 2018, it has decided to implement 8 cores in the unit so that the tasks literally slide on your system. This new friend of the Mac Mini renders all its functions, from the quality of the graphics to the speed at which they are reproduced. It's the fastest graphics computer on the market! Any doubt about its quality so far? Compared to its predecessor its speed is 6 times higher. And all this with its 19.7 cm. But finally, the most impressive thing about the M1 chip is that it enables all 16 Neural Engine cores. Full power! The intelligence possessed by the new Mac Mini model surprises with its video analysis, image and voice processing, and above all with its high learning capacity of up to 15 times more than other models. Now, the new Mac Mini model has the most advanced technology on the market, combined with the most versatile and portable design. You have a little brain connected to your Mac monitor that travels at the speed of light and solves all your needs in milliseconds.

Differences between the Mac Mini 2018 and the Mac Mini 2020

The variations suffered by the Mac Mini are not so impressive externally , since in that sense both computers look exactly the same, even inside many of its functions work in the same way, such as the case of the fan that has always been enough to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU and GPU units. However, they have highlighted some changes in what the company considered essential, such is the case of the extension of the memory. Yes, the vast amount of memory is the main difference between one unit and another, after the inclusion of the M1 chip in the new version of course. So we have that the previous model, the Mac Mini of the year 2018, had a space of 128 GB , which as we can assume is a limited amount for all the operations and systems that cohabit inside the computer. That is why the new 2020 model brings an extension of even double in memory. The extension of the model to a memory of 256GB and even 512GB leaves behind the reduced and limited memory of its predecessor. This optimizes many of the computer's functions, making it easy to use a large number of applications and software for content creation and file storage. As for the processors, the Mac Mini went from having an Intel Core i3 to having an Intel Core i5 processor, each one has 4 and 8 cores respectively, from there we can deduce its power and speed. Likewise, the new model has the option of installing an Intel Core i7 processor.

macOS Big Sur with M1 on Mac Mini

The macOS Big Sur system was designed to enhance the features available on the M1 chip. That's why the desktop now runs with superior performance and application and software speed never seen before in past generations. In addition, the system includes new and improved updates for all Apps. Likewise, macOS Big Sur has a new design , a unique and spectacular image that makes the experience much more pleasant for the user, and as if that were not enough , its security system is also considered the best on the market , it takes care of the registration and navigation of your users to protect all their content. There is no way that this operating system does not make the new model of Mac Mini a speedy tool, it works fast and all your daily tasks and activities, from simple to complex, are much more accurate and faster. Regardless of the demand or demand of the heaviest Apps, all the power of macOS Big Sur is available. In the same way, the Mac Mini system has the largest gallery of applications so far , the largest of all its generations, it even has access to the applications available on iPhone and iPad so you can have fun in your favorite applications from the computer. All apps consume up to 60% less battery now! Yes, thanks to the exclusive technologies of the M1 chip and its fusion with the macOS Big Sur system, the small and fast CPU, works like the biggest of all and with minimal power consumption.

Features available with on the new Mac Mini

As we have seen so far, the Mac Mini can be an indispensable tool for many tasks, but it also serves as an accessory for many others, so it is good to name the possible activities that you can carry out with your new and powerful computer with the latest M1 chip generation. Work , of course, is one of its main functions, with the new Mac Mini it is possible to open an office from home. All the ports and access that the compact CPU has allows you to install up to 2 monitors simultaneously, so you will have the ability to perform tasks simultaneously and with double view. Likewise, you can install a keyboard, mouse or trackpad for a more comfortable use, any other accessory such as speakers, headphones or microphones also has a place. Yes, it is easy to recreate a work from home position with maximum efficiency. Play! One of everyone's favorite features, its integrated technology allows you to see the graphics with better quality than any other computer, its new processor allows the development of a large number of games with quality images and great speed for the best experience. Making Music Is it a secret that Macs are the darlings of the music industry? Of course not, this time the latest generation M1 chip allows, through its 8 cores, the acceleration of the machine's machine learning that, combined with its fast memory, better execute Logic Pro tracks, plug-ins and filters. Design , Another of its outstanding functions is the creative process of designing, the new Mac Mini has incredible performance that allows you to work with the best design applications available on the market, whether it is to make digital posters or install any art exhibition.

Prices of the new Mac Mini

There are 2 models of the new Mac Mini, which, as we have said before , depend on the capacity of its memory , we find the 256 GB and the 512 GB. But, both, in general terms, are cheaper than their predecessors, apparently Apple designed a team with better quality, but with a cheaper price. You can find the best offers for the Mac Mini, both in the 256 GB version and in the 512 GB version, on Shopdutyfree.


Apple's new desktop computer is simply amazing, ultra-tech equipment, with exclusive and optimized functions compared to its previous models. Everything you could want from a desktop computer, available in a small device whose dimensions do not accurately represent its size and power. There is no doubt that it is one of the best devices that Apple has launched and we hope that it continues to surprise us by including the M1 chip technology in all its elements for a better experience. Welcome Mac Mini with M1 chip!