General conditions of sale At ShopDutyFree we are committed to making the purchase process as easy as possible, guaranteeing fast and close communication with our customers and making sure that orders are delivered safely and as soon as possible. We respond within 24 hours to any question or claim. We guarantee delivery 100%. The transit time indicated on the website is business days. The order in a processed state or in progress, cannot be cancelled, but you always have the possibility of making a return at no cost. We reserve the right to accept or cancel any order. In case of canceling an order in progress, your money will be fully refunded immediately. We reserve the right to block your account indefinitely and cancel orders that are in progress. We only sell devices to retail or end users, but at no time to resellers or wholesalers. In the event that we detect that you are buying in bulk or reselling products from orders placed from ShopDutyFree, your account will be locked indefinitely. It is essential that when adding data to your invoice, you ensure that the data included in your invoice is accurate and corresponds to reality. That is to say, that incorrect data is not added, such as the name of the company instead of the name of the natural person or CIF/DNI instead of last name. (Adding inaccurate information in an invoice can have negative consequences on tax obligations) In the case of ignoring the specified fields, it will be taken into account as an order made by the end customer, not as a company. We do not offer tax free. 1. Identification of the person responsible for the website. Responsible: SHOP DUTY FREE SALE SL Address: C/ Agustín de Bethencourt, 5, L-2 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria CIF: B-76312651 Mercantile Registry of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in general volume 2191, 1st entry of the Book of Companies, page 162, Sheet GC-54073. We have an office in Barcelona: Office address in Alt de Gironella street, 11 - 5 08017 Barcelona Spain Telephone: 931710480 The office is only for the collection of orders placed through the web. 2. Object. These general conditions, together with the sales conditions for each product, are intended to regulate the conditions applicable to the purchase processes carried out by users or customers. The Client is subject to the General Conditions in force at each of the moments of making the corresponding purchase, not being possible the purchase of any product, without the prior acceptance of these General Conditions and, where appropriate, the particular conditions that regulate the provision of certain services. When issuing an order, the client can jointly or individually use a combination of account name, account number and other forms of identification including an access key (password) or other access code provided to the client (jointly or individually designated as " access codes and/or identification of the Client"). The CLIENT acknowledges and accepts that: All acquisitions of Products purchased through the Website, after identification and authentication, through the username and password that was provided, will be considered validly made by the Client, and will be binding. Purchases made on the website using the Customer's username and password will be considered made by the Customer, and will therefore be responsible for them. You are responsible for the security of your access code (password), and you must ensure that each authorized user uses their own access code, which will be issued by ShopDutyFree upon customer request for that purpose. It is the client's obligation to maintain the confidentiality of his/her identification key/s. The customer will immediately notify ShopDutyFree if the key(s) is lost or misplaced or if the customer's key(s) or other customer identification is misused or attempted. ShopDutyFree cannot guarantee the security of the Internet and that data or information transmitted by the customer to ShopDutyFree may be intercepted or tampered with. the only documentation provided by ShopDutyFree in connection with the purchase and payment method for services purchased through the e-commerce program is a commercial invoice. You are responsible for all expenses and costs of accessing your account, including, without limitation, consumption and telephone connection expenses, telecommunications equipment, etc. The placing of orders from the Website by a minor who falsifies the registration information, will be understood as carried out under the supervision and authorization of their parents, guardians or representatives.