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Category “Apple Accessories”

Technology has become part of our current world and every day that passes we depend much more on it, both to do daily tasks, as well as to distract ourselves and communicate with other people.

One of the companies that has been responsible for including technology in the modern world is Apple with its Apple accessories and other products.

Apple has always been characterized by offering its consumers the best varieties of technological products of all kinds, which always have a unique and exclusive model in each of its varieties or designs. Do you want to know a little more about Apple accessories? Soon we will detail them all.

What are Apple Accessories?

As you may already know, Apple, in addition to having hundreds of physical stores in various countries around the world, also has an official website or online store where it markets its original products.

In it you can find a large number of sections, in which you will come across endless devices produced by the brand. One of the categories of the Apple Store is that of Apple accessories, in which many profiles of the most functional and advanced accessories that the brand contains are attached.

By exploring this section of the page you can find all kinds and models of Apple watch, bands, cell phone cases, headphones, speakers, chargers, among other electronic and decorative utensils that will be of great help to you.

What useful products or accessories can you find in Apple accessories?

Each of the Apple accessories that you can find in this section will add a plus to both your appearance, the visual aspect of your devices and the way in which you have carried out many tasks up to now.

Although the internal categories of this section are truly extensive in terms of the number of products they offer. Next, we will tell you what are some of the best Apple accessories that you can find in this store, so make yourself comfortable!

AirTags and accessories

When you want to know the whereabouts of each of your belongings, the AirTag will always be your best ally. Since it is a small device that can be both configurable and attached to any other object or device to be able to locate it on the iOS map, exactly in the "Search" App at all times.


It is a truly useful tool to get an idea of where our objects of great importance or sentimental value are located. In addition, it can also be hung on the collar of our pets, to know their whereabouts at all times.

You can find them in the category of Apple accessories in a wide variety of models and colors. They are available as keychains, badges, small straps in various lengths, and even in multi-unit kits. Without a doubt, it is a very functional accessory that will help you on more than one occasion.

Covers and protection

One more section of Apple accessories is that of covers and protection. On the one hand, you will find beautiful covers to protect your mobile from scratches, falls or any external incident.

In addition, they add character and personality to the facade of the same, additionally you can acquire them in a large number of colors or models according to your preferences and type of mobile you have.

In another sense, in this section of Apple accessories you can also find cases with MagSafe technology, which will facilitate the wireless charging process, and you simply have to connect the MagSafe charger to it, and wireless charging will start immediately.


Both styles of cases will provide character and personality to your devices, but the best thing is that you can choose them completely to your taste and preferences.

Apple Watch Bands

Did you think it was impossible to customize an Apple Watch? Let us tell you no, since the Apple Store has decided to place an exclusive section in its Apple accessories for different types and models of bands for Apple Watch.

They can be found in all kinds of colors and textures, combinable with many outfits and personalities. It is only a matter of investigating and selecting the one that best suits the client's preferences.

Screens and stands

In this section you will find endless supports for devices such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, screens, among others. There are many models and heights, they also have unmatched resistance when it comes to providing the necessary support to any of your devices.


Although we do not know if drones can be considered accessories as such, Apple has decided to position itself in its Apple accessories section.

In it you will find three models of unmanned aerial vehicles, or better known as drones. Entering each of their profiles you will be able to see all their specifications, which will facilitate your choice.

It should be noted that these devices, in addition to helping us enjoy our free time in a different way, also allow us to take a large number of aerial shots and photos of landscapes that we would not have access to without their help. It is truly amazing!


Do you like music? Well, Apple accessories has for you a subcategory dedicated exclusively to headphones and speakers, they come in all sizes, styles and models. You can find from the modern AirPods, Beat Flex, Wireless In-Ear Headphones, to the innovative Powerbeats Pro, among others.


Each of these models has unique features that will make it easy for you to distract yourself listening to your favorite music. In addition, they are multifunctional and very comfortable to carry out a large number of activities such as:

* Run

* Cook

* relax

* Do exercise

* House work

* Ride

* Among others

Without them interfering at any time. They all have a high capacity to adapt to all types of users and the model of their face and ears. You will never feel uncomfortable when using them and the best thing is that you can listen to your favorite songs with high comfort.

Is it possible to communicate with Siri with any of those models?

Another peculiar factor of some of the AirPods that you can find in the category of Apple accessories is the fact that you can give Siri orders without having to look for your mobile to do so. Without a doubt, it is a plus that will facilitate many tasks throughout the day, and will also save you some time.


This new technology created by Apple has allowed it to develop a wide range of products that contain it. It consists of a wireless charging system through the use of magnets and a specialized mechanism for it to work. And it does it with mobiles ranging from the iPhone 12, onwards.

In Apple accessories you will find a section with the name of MagSafe alone and when you enter you will see a series of products that range from covers for mobile phones with this technology, wireless chargers, charging bases, among others.

mice and keyboards

When it comes to personalizing computers and laptops to our liking, there is no one better than Apple accessories to be our allies. Since, in the mice and keyboards subcategory you can find a wide variety of keyboards that you can use to improve the performance and aesthetic appearance of your computer.

The other star accessory in this category is mice, which are available in all kinds of sizes, models and with different technologies depending on the user's needs.

In another sense, you can additionally get pencils or crayons to use with your iPad, tablet or screens that require it.

Mice and Keyboards

There are several generations, they allow easy grip and handling, you can also use them for multiple tasks thanks to their precision and pixel quality in each trace.

power cables

When it comes to power cables, charging ports, USB and card readers, power adapters, Bluetooth transmitters, batteries or everything you need to charge a mobile or device, Apple accessories has the best variety for you.

All these devices are extremely important to recharge both the battery and to connect the storage files of our mobile to any other device, as in the case of USB cables.

For this reason, choosing a brand that ensures its quality and proper functioning is the best, especially if we have Apple devices, so who better than Apple accessories to provide us with everything we need in accessories or wiring from this range?

wireless chargers

Wireless chargers are the new way to keep our mobiles alive, without having to use the almost obsolete chargers with cables. If you have an Apple mobile device, you will surely be interested in this practical and modern way of recharging your device.

The good news for you is that in Apple accessories you will find a wide range of bases and wireless chargers that will make your life considerably easier.

What other category can you find in Apple accessories?

The ones we just mentioned are just some of the most prominent categories in this section, but there are other sections of Apple accessories that you may be interested in, and these are:

Creativity, Games and toys, Gifts, Health and fitness, HomeKit, Wi-Fi networks, Photography, Printers and scanners … among others.

Apple accessories is one of the most complete categories that you can find in all Shop Duty Free and the products that it contains are of high quality, durability and will provide you with the best performance on the market.

Some tips to make a good decision when choosing an Apple accessory

These devices and accessories provided by our store are of excellent quality.

However, if you are meticulous about your purchases and want to make sure you choose the best product, rest assured, all of these accessories have the durability and performance that you so desire.

We recommend that you always pay attention to the opinions of users who have already bought the accessory, in this way, you will determine if it fits your needs.

On the other hand, if what you want to buy is a mobile case, a band for Apple watch or any other object that is not electronic, the best thing you can do is look at its textures or the material it is made of. Since the tones or colors you choose will not determine their quality and resistance.

Apple accessory products have the guarantee that Apple's reputation can offer its customers, so you should not worry about the quality of its products.

Finally, if you want to buy Apple accessories at the best market price, at Shop Duty Free you will find the best offers and the latest accessories.