iPhone 13 Pro

Apple has several lines of very good products, distinguished by their quality and for always being at the forefront of current technology; today we present one of them. The iPhone 13 Pro is a high-end, state-of-the-art mobile phone, recently released on the market, whose features will amaze you.

We are talking about an Apple invention, and as always, it brings us many surprises, Apple has the characteristic of always bringing out new products on the market that wreak havoc on sales and trends.

And it is not for less, Apple is one of the best manufacturers of electronic devices today, it has been in the market for years and all its products have had a great influence both in general culture and in terms of technology.

So behind a great company it is not difficult to think of a great product, the iPhone 13 Pro has come to show us that Apple only knows how to advance and advance through the sands of time, always updating , always improving , always giving us more reasons. to purchase their products.

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What is the iPhone 13 Pro?

After all that introduction, what is the iPhone 13 Pro ? Well, it is the last mobile of the iPhone line to come out, along with its brothers iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini; It is the plus version of the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a magnified and more expensive version of the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 mini is a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone 13, so the quality-price dynamic between these 4 mobiles works.


So you may think that the iPhone 13 Pro is, therefore, a normal mobile device and without much to highlight about itself, in contrast to the iPhone 13 pro Max, we notify you that you are more than wrong, in fact, it is difficult to think of this mobile device as something common or to take less.

But before talking about their individual greatness, it would be useful to take a look at the iPhone line, which is more than interesting and has a lot to tell us about what Apple and iPhone are and offer us as consumers.

The iPhone line

iPhone, an eminence, a novelty, something that everyone knows, the homonym of smart mobile, synonymous with quality mobiles, why are they so well known?

Well, before understanding that we need a bit of context, let's get to know the Apple brand.

Apple is a brand related to software, electronic equipment and online services founded in the United States on April 1, 1976. It is a company that began from humility as a pioneer in terms of technology and electronic devices. is spoken; but little by little it was gaining ground.

This company always had the quality of being innovative and risky with its products and bets, something that did not go unnoticed by the public, and a characteristic which gives it all its prestige.

At first, Apple only made computers, screens, PC's and software, but after the popularization of mobile phones around the world, it began to join this new and extensive field where it could explore its capabilities, as well as a new great source of information. income.

With this , the high-end iPhone smartphones were born , a line of products that was known for its enormous quality and novelties with each new version of these.

So it is not surprising that today they are such well-known mobiles, since, for 2 decades now, iPhone has made its way through all the difficulties involved in being a pioneer in a little-known area, and has always achieved victory. .

All the news of the iPhone 13 Pro

With all of the above on the table, it is inevitable to get excited about what the iPhone 13 Pro will bring back as a new Apple product, and as a new mobile in the iPhone line.

It is more than interesting to know what a company as big as Apple can do, because it is not for nothing that it is in the place where it is and it is not for nothing that there are so many people interested in obtaining its products; the good news is right in front of our eyes.


Technology advances over the years, but the iPhone advances with the passing of its generations, at an enormous speed ; So much so that it could easily stun anyone. Finding out what is new about this wonderful product is a way of redefining the term “Technological Advance”

Technological progress always surprises us, new technologies always amaze us, our ability to create such machinery always fills us with pride as humanity, and being able to have one of these devices in our hands always excites us.

And we assure you that you will be surprised, because with all its novelties it seems to be a mobile of the future and a whole new window towards the limits of our ability to improve our technologies.


First novelty, the Ceramic Shield. This is a special material used in iPhone mobiles that is made to protect their screens from scratches or breakage, making it one of the most resistant mobile devices in the industry.

This material is an addition to the iPhone since the last generation, the iPhone 12 and 13 are the main users of this great material.

Ceramic Shield is a special chemically hardened, heat-strengthened glass allied with ceramics so that its hardness exceeds even some metals, so, in other words, worrying about how fragile a phone is is a thing of the past with the iPhone . 13 Pro.

IP68 water resistance

Another thing that remains in the past is the weakness to water, this mobile device has the ability to repel both water and dust from its circuits without problem, quite an advantage.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and translates as <<Ingress Protection>> and is accompanied by 2 numbers next to it, which are indicators of how protected the device is against external particles.

The first number, in this case 6, is the degree of protection against solids; instead, the second number, in this case 8, is the degree of protection against liquids. The i Phone 13 Pro tops both stats.

This capability is regulated by global standards bodies, so it's not a random number at all.

The iPhone 13 lineup has this, becoming industry leaders , as there is no such thing as another mobile device with similar capabilities.

Its 3 cameras; more powerful than ever

Why a camera, if you can have 2? And why 2 if you can have 3? The new cameras of the iPhone 13 Pro are more than magnificent and do not seem credible for a device of such a small size, in contrast to how professional and cinema cameras are.

These, in addition, come with a very high level software with many additions that make it even more than it already is.


macro photography

The camera is capable of capturing new measures that previously only existed in our imagination, the iPhone has joined the world of macro photography.

Each of the camera lenses has a unique Zoom, which makes it impossible to miss the details found in a world that our eyes are sometimes unable to see.

night mode

The 3 cameras of the iPhone 13 Pro are now capable of capturing twice as much light, the ultra wide-angle camera in particular is capable of capturing 97% more light so that even low-light photos look spectacular.

The new night mode allows you to take professional photos even in low light conditions, giving an artistic touch to something as simple as taking a photo with your mobile.

Photo and video editing options

And not only the hardware of the mobile is so optimized when it comes to talking about videos and photos, but also the software.

With the new artificial intelligence and great photographic capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro you will be able to edit videos and photos, to the point that they seem to be made by a professional.

cinema mode

With all the novelties there is also the new cinema mode, which is capable of blurring and focusing certain parts of a video without the need to focus it during recording, or re-record anything.


Thinking about the professionalism of its users, it is now possible to add styles to the photographs, say changes in color, contrast, or the filters used; all this is part of the style of any photographer, and now you can get it without the need to edit each photograph you take.

The software is capable of editing photos automatically , that is, with a style previously saved in the application you no longer have to worry about editing photos.


Why so much quality in photos and videos? So you can see them in all their glory with the 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with Promotion.

This screen is made up of several layers that allow it to show everything that happens in a very high quality, it is much sharper, much brighter and with much more contrast.

Screen refresh rate

Here's Promotion, which is a display refresh rate controller with the ability to adapt to what's being viewed on the screen.

The frequency with which the screen is updated ranges between 10 and 120 times per second, this will make it faster when what is on the screen moves at that speed and will slow down when necessary, thus optimizing the battery.


And in case all of the above mentioned sounds a bit familiar to you; the system and software additions of the iPhone 13 Pro also leave nothing to be desired.

This mobile device is comparable to a state-of-the-art computer, very fast, with a lot of storage and very efficient with computing operations.


Up to 1 TB of storage, so you will have total comfort for applications, images, videos and other files that you need to save on your mobile.

New SoC chip

And as expected; This new iPhone comes with its new A15 Bionic chip , which is the fastest among current smartphones.

SoC technology (System On a Chip or system on a chip, translated into Spanish) is a very representative Apple technology, which allows the already very good and very fast hardware additions to be accelerated even more.

It's like having a whole electronic beast in your hand, with so many hardware additions it can even seem like an exaggeration.


The iPhone 13 Pro and its big brother the iPhone 13 Pro Max share the title of being the iPhone devices with the longest battery life to date, lasting 1.5 hours longer than previous iPhone devices.


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So are you excited?

In conclusion, we are facing one of the best (not the best, since there is the iPhone 13 Pro Max) smart phones that we can find on the market, nothing unusual in the iPhone.

Do you dare to acquire one? With everything that we explain about it, it is your decision, however, we recommend it in case what you need is a great, high-end mobile at a reasonable price.