Apple Watch 7 Review

With the new Apple Watch 7 you will be able to have the future on your wrist. The truth is that this is the largest and most advanced screen that Apple has released so far. Right now, you will be able to know the most important aspects about this new device so that you can evaluate if it is what you want. In fact, a very important thing about the new Apple watch is that it charges 33 times faster than the previous model. In addition, its new colors will be able to impress you. However, we must recommend that you read this entire article so that you find out what is new that the brand has integrated into this device.

Apple Watch 7 display

Without a doubt, this is a screen that will allow you to enjoy all the functions of the Apple watch in a big way. Therefore, it will make you experience a new dimension. In fact, everything is easier to use and read. As you can see, this new device is here to stay and to shine against its ancestors.


Honestly, it's a screen that defies the laws of physics. So, you may be wondering how is this possible? Well, Apple has set itself the goal of creating a larger screen by changing the dimensions of the watch as little as possible. So, to achieve this end, they redesigned and reduced the borders to 40%. As a result, it was possible to have a 20% larger screen than the previous model (Apple Watch Series 6). It is even 50% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3. Without a doubt, this is a change that has impressed more than one.

OLED display

The touch sensor was integrated into the OLED panel to give life to a unique piece that reduces the thickness and edges of the screen.

Retina display always on

Clearly, since the screen of this device is always active, you can see all the information without touching the screen or raising your wrist. Besides, at this time you will be able to realize that it is 70% brighter when indoors. In fact, we can indicate that the light that is placed on the edges establishes a soft enveloping effect. Which, disappears the limits between the screen and the box (integrating into an ideal design).

Type and touch your Apple watch easily

On this point, Apple took it upon itself to redesign the buttons throughout the system to take advantage of the broader system. Now, you will see how easy it is to use apps like stopwatch and calculator. You can even set timers to control different things at the same time. Also, you can use the “write” functionality to draw letters on your screen. Thus, you will be able to write emails or messages very easily.

Endurance - Apple Watch 7

Also, for Apple to create an always-on screen, they made notable changes to the design. So, this allowed them to make the most powerful and shock-resistant front glass yet. It should be noted that, in the thickest part of this Apple watch, it measures more than twice that of its predecessor. So, this makes it a hard and resistant Watch.

more robust structure

The glass in this device was created with a flat base. Which makes it more solid and shock resistant. As you can see, Apple was in charge of designing a smart watch that perfectly unites power and style that a person needs in their day to day life. Thus, this device comes with two incredible materials: steel and fully recycled aluminum.


The Apple watch takes care of your health

With this new device you will be able to measure blood oxygen with a revolutionary app and sensor. Also, check your heart rate. Honestly, there are many benefits that you will see added to the Apple watch 7. Right now, we are going to describe them so that you can get to know them without having to purchase this device.

measure your blood oxygen

It is important to add that you will be able to measure your blood oxygen. Which is essential for your general well-being. So, this will help you understand if your body absorbs oxygen correctly and how it disperses it. Also, the Apple Watch Series 7 has an application and an amazing sensor with which said oxygen can be measured in the background.

Measure your heart rate

For this new device, heart care begins with the wrist of the hand. As everyone knows, high or low heart rate levels can indicate serious health issues. In fact, many people do not know how to recognize a high or low blood pressure and thanks to the Apple Watch Series 7 they get an immediate diagnosis. Therefore, when there is or exists any irregularity with your heart rate, it will notify you so that you can see a doctor.

Record your hours of sleep

Regarding this point, we must say that the sleep app makes it record everything while you sleep. In addition, it helps to create a schedule and a routine so that you rest the time that your body requires. Also, measure your respiratory rate. As you can see, there are many attributes that this device offers to health and it never ceases to amaze. Therefore, as time goes by, their sales increase. So, if you want to have a device like these, it is best that you purchase it at the time of departure.

Charging system


Who doesn't love the idea of their Apple watch charging fast? For this reason, a new charging system has been integrated so that you do not lose a second of use. Therefore, it has a renewed charge and a fast charging USB-C cable. Thus, the battery of this device can go from 0% to 80% in 45 minutes.

Breaks and workouts

For everyone it is always necessary to take breaks. That's why the new Apple Watch has a meditate functionality in the "mindfulness" app. However, there are other functions that we cannot fail to mention. So, we encourage you to meet them with us now!

motivation to train

You will have the privilege of accessing many workouts just by looking at your device. In addition, you can record the movements. On the other hand, while you exercise you will be able to have your endorphins at 100% thanks to the songs on Apple music. As you can see, the Apple Watch Series 7 is fully prepared to bring out the best in you. Honestly, nothing will be a limit for this device and if you want to use it while swimming you can also do it. Also, other things you can do while using the apps is: run, ride a bike and much more. The Apple Watch is passionate about sports and has precise training for you. He even knows all about tai-chi and pilates so you can train mentally and physically. The truth is that the experience with it will be like being with a personal trainer everywhere, every day. So, if you like sports and being in shape, this is a very good acquisition for you! Really, you will live a unique experience next to your Apple Watch.

Riding a bike will be unforgettable

This popular device knows when you start pedaling and reminds you to start a workout. We must even say that the "fall detection" function made for cycling and related exercises can call emergencies. So, if you get to go through this terrible situation, your helping hand (Apple watch 7) will help you! On the other hand, it will be able to inform you about the distance traveled, speed and goals achieved in your training. Besides, if you have an electric bike you will be able to calculate the calories you burn in each training session with more precision.

Swimming is no challenge for the Apple Watch 7

As you can see, this is a device that adapts very well to any type of terrain. Now, you can use it to swim in open water or to be able to record the progress of your swimming training. Since, now it resists up to 50 meters under the sea. So, if you were looking for a companion that inspires you to move and train, now you have it!

Share physical activity and do competitions

Honestly, the features never cease to amaze us. And it is that, now you will have the privilege of having your device count the times you walk, stand up, sit down, bend down and much more. In addition, you can share with your loved ones the activity you have done to motivate them too. Besides, you can join competitions through the invitations offered by this smart watch. Has everything it has for you surprised you? Well, we must tell you that there is more. Therefore, we encourage you to read this entire article to the end!

Music, podcasts and more – Apple Watch

Now, you will be able to have more than 75 million songs on the wrist of your hand. Therefore, the motivation you need to start your day with enthusiasm will be plenty! In addition, you will have the privilege of listening to podcasts that will help you leave the calories and worries behind.


We can even say that you will not neglect anything while doing any activity. Since, you will have a large screen with which you can see the activities of your family, friends and acquaintances. Without a doubt, you will have everything at your fingertips! Following this, it is good to indicate that you can answer calls or send messages at the same time you are in a meeting. Without a doubt, this device will allow you to leave your phone at home. You can even get on the plane and store your gift cards. Therefore, with the wallet application, everything you need will always be with you. Thus, it is the perfect alternative for those who do not want to waste time. On the other hand, the "maps" app will always be with you and will always be in front of you. In fact, it doesn't matter if you travel by car or on foot, it will keep you up to date with notifications. You can even indicate traffic conditions, street closures and accidents.

You will be able to enjoy many apps!

This device is going to give you access to millions of apps in the App store. For this reason, it becomes the ideal device for everything you love to do (surfing, photography, astronomy, swimming). Also, all you have to do to enjoy them is download them through your smart watch and you will have everything on the wrist of your hand. Next, we can say that the face of your smart watch says it all. You may be wondering how is this possible? Well, what you should do is put your personal stamp on it and always have what you love in sight. For example, if you love the sea, you can see its conditions, the speed of the wind, among other things.

Apple and the Environment

Finally, we must say that Apple works so that its products have less impact on the environment. Therefore, the commitment they maintain is to ensure that all products and packaging are entirely made with recycled and renewable materials. Thus, the Apple Watch series 7 has been created with several peculiarities to reduce the environmental impact. Without a doubt, this has given a plus to Apple's sales. Since, more and more people are interested in brands that seek to improve the environment. Finally, if this information has been to your liking, we encourage you to share it on your social networks! Thus, everyone will be able to know what this new smart watch brings. Honestly, what we want with this post is that you have been able to keep up with what's new from Apple.