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Apple Watch 6

The most advanced Apple Watch on the market, now available at an unbeatable price. This device will help you regulate your sleep schedules, manage your day to day and even maintain some control over your own health and well-being with its new exclusive applications that work in coordination with your phone.

Apple Watch 6

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Apple Watch 6

The sixth generation of Apple Watch is here! On this occasion, Apple has surpassed itself by designing a more modern, advanced and faster watch than its previous model. An accessory designed for the prevention and promotion of health, with its new functions of oxygen saturation and electrocardiographic recording. Although the Apple Watch 6 is aesthetically very similar to its predecessor, it has new features that classify it as one of the best tools of the brand . It also has new colors, different strap designs and customizable dials so you can show off your style. A compact size, a better optimization of its operating system and better lighting are also features that the new member of the Apple family revels in. Do you want to know him better? Next, we leave you the best data of the Apple Watch 6 .

What's new about Apple Watch 6?

The new Apple Watch has significant internal changes compared to previous generations, first of all, it has a Series 6 processor that gives it 20 % more speed , so all the functions, programs and applications of the smartwatch will work faster. Quick. Every day Apple works to include in its wearable a list of tools that contribute to health care, which is why it included new functions that take care of vital signs throughout the day, even during sleeping hours. That is why the most striking function of the new model is an oxygen saturator, what is it responsible for? Pulse oximetry studies the degree of oxygenation of the blood , and it does this by means of the 4 infrared adapted on the face of the wrist that study the color of the blood and with it the degree of oxygen it possesses. Knowing this percentage, because it is estimated as a percentage, is giving valuable data on lung capacity. In the times we are living in, it is quite useful, pulmonary oxygenation is a great indicator of the state of health of the respiratory system. How did Apple adapt this feature? For this, the company installed a system consisting of a sensor with 8 displays, 4 LEDs and 4 photodiodes on the back of the watch, covered by glass that protects them. Thus, the light emitted by the devices passes through the skin and performs all the relevant measurements. You will get to see the green and red lights turn on. To improve the process, Apple has been in charge of offering suggestions or advice for the correct measurement of oxygen saturation, the Apple Watch 6 tells you that you should have your arm supported at heart level, on a flat surface, for 15 seconds. The log is stored in the health app on your iPhone. As for the electrocardiographic record , it is ideal for all people who like to evaluate their heart rate during exercise or any physical activity. It is important that they take these data as references to consult with their GP and not as a diagnosis. Other similar data that are thrown through the same record are the respiratory rate and the heart rate. oh! But it is not the only way that the Apple device has to promote health, no, in addition to all these registration functions, the watch also has an indicator or reminder for hand washing . Yes! Very useful in times of pandemic. With this functionality, the watch tells you the precise seconds for optimal washing. Basically the clock recognizes when you are washing your hands and immediately starts counting, being that if you finish before the due time it notifies you so that you complete the estimated time as correct. It is a function that is activated according to your location. To have this function, you must make sure that both your iPhone and your Apple Watch 6 have the latest update of the brand's health app. Something that was definitely missing from the Apple Watch and what many of the competing teams had was the sleep tracking function , the clock marks the time you spend in each stage of sleep and activates when you wake up. If you also leave all the recording functions turned on, you can evaluate your vital signs when you sleep. It is a precise and undemanding function that consumes only 5% of the total battery, however, in order to activate it, the device must have a battery level greater than 30%. Finally, the latest internal novelty of the Apple Watch 6 is its altitude study that it did not have, this accessory now allows mountaineers, hikers and trekking fans to discover how high they are at any time and in any place. It is a function that is adapted with GPS and Wi-Fi.

Technical details of the new Apple Watch 6

It is time to give the physical and technical details of the new Apple Watch 6.

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Let's start with the size of the case, it comes in two presentations 40 and 44 mm , both look exactly the same and only vary in size. You can choose between aluminum, titanium and stainless steel cases.


The standard size of the 40mm aluminum model is 39.8 x 34.4 x 10.7mm and weighs 30.5g . It is a compact, comfortable and light moment.


The screen measures 40 mm and is covered by a liquid retina called OLED Always that is responsible for protecting it from scratches and bumps. It has a view of 324 x 394 pixels, so its resolution is quite good, much better than the Apple Watch 5 .


The Apple Watch 6 features a new processor called the Apple S6 64-bit dual-core . It is faster, since it provides a 20% optimization.


The storage memory is 64 GB.


The Apple Watch 6 has a Wi-Fi connection of 802-11 b/g/n with 2.4 GHZ. And a Bluetooth version 5.0 device .


A long and modern list, in different areas the Apple wearable has sensors to measure: Sp02 (oxygen saturation), ECG (electrocardiogram), HR (heart rate), Altimeter, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS/GNSS, ambient light.

water resistance

Apple Watch 6 supports a dive up to 50 meters deep.


A very important feature, it has 18 hours of battery life , being the most independent Apple Watch 6.

other functions

The equipment allows you to call and send messages from the screen, offers monitoring of exercise routines and shows you your performance or activity during the day to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Apple Watch 6 Price

The price of the new sixth generation Apple Watch varies depending on where you buy it. At Shopdutyfree, you will find the best offers of the moment, so you can buy the Apple Watch 6 at the best price.

External changes to the Apple Watch

Certainly the dimensions of the Apple Watch 6 coincide with those of its previous version, in the image they are almost replicas, but still Apple has not stopped changing some little things that attract our attention. For example, the watch now has two new colors, the Apple Watch 6 now has a blue aluminum case and a red aluminum case known as product red. Also available in their other recyclable materials titanium and stainless steel. Outside of that, the screen still has rounded edges, a square body and a side button. The other equally eye-catching colors available for the Apple Watch are space black, gold, silver, and rose gold. All beautiful and elegant! The screen of the new model is much brighter, it stays active at all times so you can see the details even when you do not have your wrist raised, whether you are busy exercising or driving, it is an excellent help. In addition, the screen is much more colorful, you can edit faces and covers to choose one that is more like your style, you can even use a custom emoji that moves, so leaving your stamp on the screen of your Apple Watch 6 will not be difficult thing Aside from the new colors, Apple also has new straps for you. A model called Uniloop straps without buckles or closures, but rather an adjustable strap that comes by size, and that is inserted like a sports bracelet, remaining tight on your wrist. It consists of a very soft strap made of silicone, it is beautifully designed, stylish, practical and available in all colours. It also has a variation of the model, there is a smooth one and a braided one made of polyester, whose texture is pleasant and looks great. After all, there are changes to the exterior of the Apple Watch 6.

How does the new operating system work on the Apple Watch 6?

The way in which the new OS6 works through the computer's activity log is quite interesting, so we will talk a little about the changes that the software of the new generation of Apple Watch has undergone. All the functions, applications and programs of the Apple Watch 5 are still there, in the same order that they were known, so the segments of the system did not undergo a great change , but rather optimizations. So we have that on the main screen you can find the notification curtain sliding down, upwards we can find the toggles, on the external or lower button the multitasking and on the upper crown all the apps available on the device. The new S6 makes the entire system flow faster, so far the model has not presented any failure, it is one of the brand's benchmarks in terms of quality thanks to it. Siri of course continues to be the interface with which the team works, it answers by voice call and also by pressing the lower button. Its commands quickly connect with your iPhone and other Apple devices like iPad. Activity Tracking is a great feature of the Apple Watch 6 software, as a ready accessory for external fitness coaching and health, it provides rigorous tracking while you run, swim, do yoga or ride a bike. All this performance is protected in the activity rings that show you what your level of intensity is, how much you still have to meet your requirements and when it is time to rest. And the best thing is that you can clearly see it on your screen thanks to the fact that the new model is now 2.5 times sharper than the previous ones.

How does Apple Watch motivate training?

This wearable constantly encourages you with its activity ring , a great option that you can share with your friends and loved ones to motivate each other to play sports or have a minimum of healthy physical activity. So, too, the watch allows you to enjoy the entire music store available on Apple Music during your workout with a billboard of more than 70 million songs and podcasts to entertain you. Within the monitoring of activities, the Apple Watch also has a small section of competitions that you can offer your friends so that they comply with 7-day training plans, it is a challenge that they will rely on to obtain healthy results in the company of their Apple Watch. If it still seems little to you or perhaps an impersonal follow-up, it is because you have not discovered the endless applications that the Apple Watch 6 brings in your feed for you, for example, if you are a lover of water sports, you can count on Dawn Patrol to guide you around the time, climate and waves indicated for surfing or kayaking.


There is nothing that beats the new Apple Watch 6, its stylish design and great technology makes it one of the best wireless accessories on the market, far superior to other competing models. Apple has gone all out to create a high-end model that exceeds user expectations. So, on this occasion, the apple company has offered an assistant for your training and a watchdog for your state of health, take advantage of all the functions offered by the new Apple Watch 6 and get yours.