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Refurbished MacBooks

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We know that if you have come this far, it is because you are looking for a new laptop to do your work, do academic tasks, or simply to surf the internet. And we are also sure that you want to be able to buy a computer with great performance and quality at a low price. This being so, we invite you to continue reading this article, since then we will tell you everything you need to know about refurbished MacBooks. What are they? How do they work? How are they different from a Windows laptop? And many more things that you are interested in knowing before getting one of them.

what are macbooks

If you are a lover of technology and one of the most famous companies on earth, surely you know or at least have heard of Apple MacBooks, since these iconic computers have long since become a symbol of portable devices with great performance and quality. MacBooks are portable computers released by Apple, with the aim of being useful for use at home and for small businesses, which carry out activities related to design, video editing and complex processes that require a high capacity of team performance. These Apple laptops work with an operating system specially developed by the company (MacOS) considered one of the best and most efficient on the market, in addition to allowing perfect integration with the rest of the company's equipment thanks to its compatible operating systems . Finally, it is important to note that MacBooks since 2006 have worked with Intel processors, which has brought them closer in terms of the heart of the hardware to computers with Windows operating systems, however, it differs widely from these as we will see. next.

Which is better a MacBook or a Windows laptop?

The first thing to say about this question is that both types of equipment are of excellent quality and have incredible performance, however, knowing which one is better for you will depend on a series of factors that you must take into account when choosing. time to make your final decision on which one to buy. In this way, you have to know that both MacBooks and Windows laptops work, as we mentioned before, with processors manufactured by Intel, which allows you to be sure that their performance is extraordinary no matter what pressures they are exposed to. In the same way, the rest of the hardware components that make up computers are not far away, since, although it is true that previously Apple screens and cameras were far superior to those of the rest of the market, there are currently Windows laptops that match and even exceed the quality of MacBooks. The biggest difference between both types of computers is found in their operating systems, on the part of Apple the MacOS and the common Windows computers. Now then, we will show you some practical examples of the differences between these teams to make your choice easier.

Variety of equipment

One of the first things you will face when choosing a laptop with a Windows operating system is that there are countless options on the market to evaluate, since there are a large number of different brands that produce computers and use this operating system. to give operation to the PC. This, although it may not seem like it, is usually overwhelming, and make no mistake, if you are not an expert in the field or at least have a basic understanding of the functionality of a computer, you will end up choosing one that is simply "beautiful" at the risk that its performance is poor or not as good as you need. For their part, MacBooks are found in limited models, whose software is updated on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the latest security patches and thus ensure proper performance. This detail is fantastic, since it eliminates the uncertainty of which team to choose, since there are few options and they are all good. In this sense, if you are not a connoisseur and the use that you will give to your PC does not require higher specifications or that you are careful with the technical requirements to choose, then the MacBook is your best option, since no matter which of its models you opt for , they are all beautiful and with outstanding performance.

Video game compatibility

Now, along the same lines as the previous point, you should know that if you need a computer with precise specifications to carry out processes that require extraordinary capacity, the best thing you can do is buy a Windows laptop, since they are more adaptable thanks to their compatibility. almost universal. For example, one of the disadvantages of MacBooks compared to Windows PCs is that many video games are not compatible with them. This is because developers make games to run on Windows and it is difficult for many to rewrite the game in a different language to make it compatible with MacOS. In this way, only 10% of video games for computers are compatible with MacBooks, however, you may not need this, since these computers have been designed to perform other types of tasks, such as making designs, editing videos, etc., and that is why they are the favorites of this market.

Software Security

If what matters most to you is information security, and that your computer is not a victim of malware, then MacBooks are what you are looking for. As with video games, computer viruses must be programmed in a specific language, so the vast majority of these are designed for Windows, not MacOS. So what you thought was a disadvantage by not being able to play a lot of games on it, has become a huge strength, don't you think? And this is not all, but Apple strives every day to create new patches that protect your MacBook, so they are the living example of computer security. In this way, if you work with important documents or with designs that you do not want to be revealed, MacBooks are one of the best options, since they establish a new security filter that protects your information thanks to its latest generation MacOS operating system.

What are Refurbished MacBooks

Now that you know what a MacBook is and why they are a great option for you, you are probably wondering what does it mean to be refurbished? In our store we sell MacBooks as "refurbished" or "refurbished". These refurbished MacBooks are the products returned by the customer in a trial period that we offer to customers during the first 10 days from the moment of receipt. All refurbished MacBooks are new, the detail is that the product was opened and registered. Most of our reconditioned products are guaranteed for up to 23 months, and always with a minimum guarantee of 6 months. In addition, and as with any purchase from our store, the same conditions of the 10-day trial period are maintained. Products come in their original box with all accessories. The box is sealed after making all the necessary checks to guarantee the highest quality of the product. And that's not all! Now, let's talk about your discounts: The minimum discount is 10% of the price of that product. But you can get to find real bargains, since some products have a discount of up to 70%. And don't make the mistake of thinking that in this section you will only find products from past seasons, since you can find the latest generation products most in demand on the market. This equipment is then repaired, and it is verified that its operation is optimal to return it to the sales channel at a lower price. How is this possible? Many times if the packaging of the products has been damaged or if the equipment was used to be exhibited, they are also considered as reconditioned, since they go through the quality verification and repackaging procedure, despite never having been used.

How are MacBooks refurbished?

Refurbished MacBooks, as well as other devices qualified as refurbished, such as refurbished iPhones or refurbished iPads, go through a basic 3-step procedure in which it is verified that they meet all technical quality and performance requirements, before pass to the sales channel, these are the following: First, refurbished MacBooks go through a hardware verification procedure, in which each of its parts is carefully verified by specialists, with the aim of determine if they need to be replaced or if they are in good operating condition. · After this, the equipment is subjected to a factory format in which its programming returns to what it was originally, thus eliminating the information of previous users and any program or possible malware that has been lodged in the hard drive of the device. equipment. · Finally, the equipment goes through various performance tests in which it is definitively validated that its operation corresponds to that offered to customers, and then repackaged and returned to the sales channel under the refurbished or reconditioned classification.

What are the main advantages of refurbished MacBooks

When asking yourself if it is worth buying a refurbished MacBook, probably the first thing you should do is know the advantages of this type of equipment, which here at Shopdutyfree we have summarized for you in 3, which are the traditional advantages of any refurbished equipment. 1. You will have access to high-tech equipment at a price that is well below its market price, so you can get your dream laptop for a value that you will not believe. 2. You will save a few euros, since the price of these devices is usually less than the original value of the product, thus being able to use the difference to buy other things or go on vacation if you wish. 3. You are assured that it is a device with perfect performance, since they have been tested by professionals who give you a guarantee of this, which would not happen if you decide to buy it used from a third party and not from a certified and reputable store.

Refurbished MacBook from our selection

Finally, we want to introduce you to the refurbished MacBook chosen by us at Shopdutyfree as one of the best options for you, and for anyone who wants to have one of these iconic machines that are not only a symbol of performance and quality, but also of status and good taste. You can find all the MacBooks available in Shopdutyfree below.

More equipment available to you

As you have been able to realize for yourself, refurbished MacBooks are an excellent option if you are looking for a computer with great performance and quality at a low price, however, we want to invite you to continue reviewing the content of this site web, since here you will find other fantastic alternatives. Finally, if you liked our content and our products, we would like to ask you to share them with your friends and family on social networks, so that they can also have access to excellent quality technology equipment at low prices, which have the support of Shopdutyfree.