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MacBook Pro

If you are looking for a laptop with maximum performance and power never seen before, the Macbook Pro is the perfect product for you.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro 14

Within the most recent Apple products, we find the fantastic MacBook Pro 14, a laptop with very high performance whose characteristics are more than surprising.

On this, when we talk about any Apple product, excellence is always expected. It is not surprising that shortly after the release of this computer, the praise of the critics has not been long in coming.

And it is that being such a recent product from a company that is used to revolutionizing within its area, it is inevitable not to be surprised to see the new technologies that will accompany this beauty of engineering and computing.

Here we will tell you all the news of the MacBook Pro 14 in detail. The first thing we see is an increase in the quality of all the features that the previous versions had, it has a screen with a higher resolution, surround sound, its battery lasts a long time, its hardware is equipped with the latest generation, and much more. . !Very attentive!

The new MacBook Pro are the brand's most powerful laptops

MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch laptops are recent additions to Apple products, they have 3 previous variants; MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 inches, which despite being also very high performance; they are outclassed by the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Each MacBook has incredible features, however, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro have the highest level of features, coming with a superior professional work-specific design and the most comfortable user experience possible. .

In particular, the MacBook Pro 14 computer, despite being a slightly smaller computer than the MacBook Pro 16, has little or nothing to envy the latter.

The MacBook Pro Revolution

As they are recent computers, they have the latest generation of software and hardware features, that is, you will have the most up-to-date and effective versions with cutting-edge technology, whose operation is specially optimized to improve everything that you did not imagine could be improved.

With the MacBook Pro you can forget about worrying about the battery, about the insufferable wait to open heavy programs like Photoshop, about your computer overheating, or about not being able to connect your MacBook device with other electronic devices, since all this and more is has optimized.

MacBook Pro 14 arrives with a 10-core CPU and a 16-core GPU so that you never suffer from performance again, which by the way is magnified with its 32 GB of unified memory.

The advantages of SoC technology

System on a Chip technology is a type of architecture in which various hardware components of any electronic device are unified into one. For example, it is common to merge microcontrollers from various processes, RAM and cores.

The great advantage that these contain is the fact of having several systematic communities of unified hardware, connected and communicating in a closer way; thing that inevitably supports the optimization and performance of the device in question.

MacBook Pros work this way, which makes them extremely efficient either in performance or in saving energy; In addition, Apple adds extra features to its system that borders on perfection.

Your performance

As previously mentioned, performance is a feature of the MacBook Pro 14 that will leave you nothing to be desired; in fact, you probably even think it's going too fast.

It also has a new SoC technology chip that Apple describes as "Super Fast", so the power and speed of this computer should not be surprising.

Technical characteristics

After talking about the general, it's time to take a look specifically at the main technical characteristics of the MacBook Pro 14.

Easily, there may be some other feature left out, however, we have chosen the main ones so that you can analyze very well how useful this laptop can be for you.


The MacBook Pro 14 brings with it an M1 Pro chip developed by Apple itself with all the possibilities of ending the need to end up buying a chip or another processor in addition to the one included in the initial product.

What the chip that was created for this device does is have unprecedented performance, up to 200 GB of greater memory frequency; becoming up to 3.7 times faster than a 4-core Intel i7 processor.

The M1 Pro chip is also optimized to spend the least amount of energy possible, so in addition to offering superior processing; consume much less energy.

Even in addition; It is designed for a better interconnection with the rest of the hardware elements and thus increase the speed of the system and energy savings to take advantage of each available Watt efficiently and without any expense.


This laptop has 32 GB of unified memory, a model equivalent to RAM memory, this structure is particular to Mac computers.

The unified memory is linked to the SoC system of the Apple M1 Pro chip, however, in addition to being a part of the system with great magnitude, and that by itself can achieve a lot; it is part of an overall SoC hardware system that further enhances its performance and efficiency.


It comes with a solid state drive, also known as an SSD (not to be confused with a disk drive or HDD) with 8 TB of storage and a frequency of 7.4 GB/s.

Solid state drives are information storage devices that use a more stable type of storage than magnetically implanted disks like regular disks. These also tend to have better performance compared to hard drives, generally speaking.

Frequency refers to how fast files have the ability to be read from the corresponding storage unit. In this case the frequency (of 7.4 GB/s) doubles the capacity of the previous generation of Mac computers.


With it, it brings a very long-lasting battery, with up to 17 hours, the worry of having to have the laptop connected to the charger to be able to fulfill your responsibilities is left behind; with 17 hours of battery life it's easy to even end up forgetting that you actually had to charge your computer.

However, the more intense the use of energy in the computer, it can last a little less.

Operating system

Mac OS is an operating system specially developed by Apple for its devices; Therefore, the operating system or software of the MacBook Pro 14 is specialized to work with all the features that this device has and thus make the interoperability between the hardware and the main software more efficient.

Among other things, the Mac OS system has changed little or nothing compared to its versions of the last generation. So in addition to not having to worry about problems when using a device so new to be easily understood, nor to suffer in case the programs can be too complicated.

physical characteristics

Within what jumps out at first glance in the MacBook Pro 14 is how thin, light and modern it is. Its design is adapted to current aesthetics while maintaining the elegance and futurism typical of this era. It comes in 2 colors: gray and white.

In addition, it also brings with it the rest of the common features in a laptop, only with an extra touch of typical Apple quality, with which you will be delighted.


This computer has a 14.2-inch screen, a resolution of 3024x1964, 254 ppi (it comes from the English pixel per inch, which refers to pixels per inch). The total pixels on the screen is 5.9 million.

One of the best screens in the world. The screen of this laptop has 1,000 nits of constant brightness, 1,600 nits of peak brightness, 10,000 mini LEDs, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 (one million to one), in addition to 1,000,000,000 colors (one billion).

screen structure

In addition, it has a special structure, only 4 mm; that supports the quality of the image and provides much of the beauty that this screen is capable of reproducing.

1. Mini-LED: The thousands of Mini-LEDs in this display have the ability to be specially grouped into independently controlled local dimming zones for precise brightness and contrast.

2. Special optical plates and diffusers: the 7 optical plates and diffusers that this screen has are combined to increase the efficiency of lights and colors without affecting its ultra-slim design.

3. High Mobility Oxide TFT: Oxide Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology provides faster pixel charging, up to 2x faster than the previous generation, plus up to 120Hz

The amazing XDR technology

Liquid Retina XDR is the reason a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 (one million to one) can be achieved. The great capacity of this screen makes it possible to visualize even more realistic and bright colors, in addition to the extreme level of detail that it brings with it; is what makes it one of the best screens in the world.

In addition, its calibration is factory and it comes with professional reference modes that are very useful for different jobs such as design, photography or the production of printed materials.


This MacBook comes with an incredible camera with twice the resolution of the previous generation; In addition to some new features that further support its high resolution and detail, thus magnifying its effectiveness.

Among its novelties, this camera has a larger aperture to let in more light, as well as a larger image sensor with more efficient pixels; which offers better performance in low light conditions, that is, its camera is very adaptable and can be used in more adverse conditions than the previous ones.


This computer has 3 studio quality microphones, these have the ability to reduce ambient noise by up to 60%.

The 3 microphones use directional Beamforming technology capable of picking up even the most subtle sounds, so your voice will be heard crystal clear.


The computer has a 6-speaker sound system, 4 force-cancelling woofers capable of producing notes up to half an octave deeper than previous generations, capable of producing low notes up to 80% more intense. Incidentally, it has high-performance tweeters that allow greater clarity in voices.

All these features provide audio that, like the microphone, is at the quality level of a studio.

And as if that were not enough, it has another characteristic; spatial audio.

spatial audio

MacBook Pros have a 6-speaker surround audio system with high-level algorithms capable of managing the audio system that is played with the Dolby Atmos application. Its function is to replicate a three-dimensional scene.

This studio-quality audio system coupled with the incredible resolution and quality of the screen is comparable to owning a portable theater.


This keyboard brings with it for the first time in the Apple line a row of full-size function keys, plus it has new shortcut keys for Spotlight (a multi-function key) and Do Not Disturb.

Along with that it also comes with a new touch circle capable of guiding your finger to unlock your computer in a faster and safer way.


The cooling system of this computer is extremely efficient, capable of running at low speed and with a minimum amount of energy, in addition to a high-level circulation system that even makes it unnecessary for the fans to turn on when performing simple activities.

Much of the credit for all this goes to the M1 Pro Chip, which manages the MacBook Pro's ventilation and temperature control system with great excellence.

Extra: Its minimal environmental footprint

As a bonus, the MacBook Pro 14 laptop is designed to have a minimal environmental footprint. This computer is made with pieces of environmentally friendly materials, in addition to other details such as its packaging that is also eco-friendly.

So you will not only be getting a state-of-the-art computer with everything explained above; but you will also be leaving a minuscule environmental footprint for it. You can buy the Macbook Pro 14 at Shop Duty Free with the best prices on the market.

MacBook Pro 16-inch

Nothing more and nothing less than the most powerful and largest version of the MacBook has arrived on the market, the MacBook Pro 16.

It comes with all the intention to revolutionize and shake the world of technology and electronic devices with a lot of amazing features that Apple has given it.

And this is not something to be surprised about, since Apple is a leading company in electronic equipment, online services and software. Who does not know iPhone? Or iPad? Being both of the best lines of mobile phones and tablets today, it gives this brand great prestige almost divine.

Along with this, Macintosh personal computers (for short Mac) are among the most prestigious computers of the current era, with their high performance, capacity and innovation they are a milestone in computer development. It is the computer that we would all like to have with us.

With all that to innovate, the 16-inch MacBook Pro comes to give us a window into the future of laptops, digital and electronic instruments. With its incredible additions and great quality in screen, sound, design, and performance, it stands out among the rest of personal computers with its attractive elegance.

After all this introduction we are going to talk about this wonderful product and everything that makes it so amazing.

MacBook Pro laptops and all they have to offer

Within Macs, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are the latest developments produced by Apple. And it is that after a time with computers like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13, Apple has returned to give us even more than what we had with the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Although the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 have their own game and are very good computers on their own, the MacBook Pro 14 is simply superior; and not to mention how MacBook Pro 16, as incredible as it may seem, surpasses it.

Entering the topic of the novelties that the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro bring us, there is its new M1 Pro chips and M1 Max chip, where the first has qualities such as a 16-core GPU, up to 200 GB / s of bandwidth memory band and the second doubles these capacities.

In addition to that, they have innovative light, shadow and detail systems on the screen, 6-speaker surround sound systems capable of making you feel in a three-dimensional space, an extremely efficient ventilation system and the most advanced systems in the device's hardware.

The revolution caused by MacBook Pro

With all of the above, you will surely ask yourself; What makes the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops so special? And while there are very good reasons to give them the credit they deserve; you probably think that maybe these computers can not be as good as they appear.

And it is that in contrast to previous generations, these computers double almost all their capacities, and some even triple or quadruple them.

It's no wonder these laptops are becoming so highly acclaimed, as much as it's common for Apple to make hyperbole brags about their products, they really leave nothing to be desired.

MacBook Pros come with many and varied features that equal quality for professional work. And it is that the “pro” of “Professional” is not there for nothing.

However, rather than talking about the generalities, reviewing its main features one by one will help us better understand this amazing computer and bring us even more interesting surprises that you will surely love.

The advantages of SoC technology

This type of technology unites all the particular characteristics of a computer, thus allowing greater general optimization, thus supporting the system and organizing each of its components, leaving them closer to each other and supporting communication between them.

So, Apple intelligently organizes the processor, memory and the rest of its typical engineering structure of electronic devices so that they obtain the function of microcontrollers that are located on the internal board, in such a way that the hardware is optimized. excessively and reduce the consumption of your resources.

These types of technologies are applied to the MacBook Pro 16, with the intention of improving its performance. As it is a computer with a great capacity that qualifies among the high-end notebooks in the market, this addition helps its title and provides a revolutionary way of operating that is becoming a trend among digital devices.

The System on a Chip architecture helps the computer to optimize all its physical components, bringing them together with the main chip, be it the processor, the memory or the BIOS, allowing it to obtain greater performance.

The performance of MacBook Pro 16

The way the MacBook Pro 16 works as a good electronic device is through several complex and interconnected systems that manage all the tasks, needs and capabilities of the computer, however, this personal laptop has other characteristics that make it unique. All of this deserves a review.

With all the above said about SoC technology and everything to be explained about its special Apple M1 Max chip, Apple qualifies this chip as "Faster than super fast" (referring to the Apple M1 Pro chip as the "super fast") ), even taking into account that we are only talking about the chip.

The computer in all its capacities is incredibly fast, in fact it is advisable to take into account that it may be too fast and that such optimization makes it incredibly efficient.

Technical characteristics

The MacBook Pro 16 along with its 36 x 24 x 1.62 cm and 2 kg of weight is ultralight, and very thin. Here it is easy to wonder how it can be so revolutionary weighing so little? And it is that, it is difficult to think that something so small and light can be so wonderful and bring so many features, however this is so.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro, despite being 2 inches larger than its 14-inch sister, is still considerably small in size, especially due to its centimeter thickness with which to doubt its great power, the truth is that it is incredible machine comes with this extremely high engineering value despite its size. This computer has state-of-the-art technologies that do not require large spaces, which supports its modern design and its unique way of operating, as well as making its use less cumbersome.


Beyond a processor, the Apple M1 Max chip contains several functions that make up a whole, which not only increases data processing capacity but also others that are also part of its hardware.

It comes with a 10-core CPU, up to a 32-core GPU and also a 16-core Neutral Engine, its graphics processing is up to 2 times faster than the Apple M1 Pro chip, so it is very high performance.

It also has 400GB/s of memory bandwidth, double that of the Apple M1 Pro chip.

In addition, it has a very clear objective: Reduce energy expenditure. This impressive chip is capable of reducing energy consumption by 70% compared to other modern chips, being so; In addition to being very efficient, it is very good at saving energy.


The computer comes with 64 GB of unified memory, which is a model similar to conventional RAM, only instead of being a separate structure, it is part of the Apple M1 Max chip.

So the memory is part of the unified SoC system of the Apple M1 Max chip, which greatly improves the already very fast memory of 64 GB.


This laptop comes with an SSD (solid state drive) with a capacity of up to 8 TB and with a read capacity of 7.4 GB/s. That is to say that in addition to being a very spacious unit, it is incredibly fast.

Solid state drives are a type of data storage unit different from conventional hard drives, in fact, in general terms, they tend to have better performance. The main difference is that hard drives or HDDs tend to use volatile memory and work with magnetic platters or disks.

Read capacity refers to the speed with which files can be read, in this case its 7.4 GB/s read capacity doubles the read capacity of previous generations.


With the battery of the MacBook Pro 16 you will not have to worry about the battery anymore, and that is that this battery can give you up to 21 hours of video playback and 14 hours of wireless web browsing, that is, even if you work all day your least worry It must be the battery.

With such a long-lasting battery you can do a lot of things, and cover up to 2 full working days without even thinking about the laptop charger. Without a doubt one of the best parts of this MacBook.

Operating system

macOS is an operating system specially developed for Mac computers by Apple. It comes with all the optimal features for your computer helping it distribute its power throughout the system, whether it be battery or processor performance.

This allows Apple to offer a very advanced computer on the market, because its system has a very efficient way of distributing all of its potential capacity and thus increasing performance even more.

However, this computer is also compatible with other well-known systems such as Windows or Linux. However, it is important to understand that the operating system with which the MacBook Pro 16 comes from the factory is macOS, to install the other compatible ones it is necessary to use more technical Mac Os applications.

physical characteristics

The MacBook Pro 16 has a very optimized, futuristic and light design, its material is also quite durable and shockproof, this helps its machinery provide durability without losing the typical Apple concepts; innovation and performance. Apple bet a lot on its components and design for this.

In addition to that, its technological architecture leaves nothing to be desired with the most advanced technologies and designs. The future is today.


This computer offers a high image quality screen. With dimensions of 16.2 inches diagonally, it offers a native resolution of 3456 x 2234 at 254 ppi, that is pixels per inch. Each of its pixels has a very wide range of colors.

The screen of this amazing laptop offers more than a billion colors, making it very functional when deciding to work with design and graphics. Its dynamic range offers a refresh rate of 120 Hz maximum and fixed from 47.9 to 60 Hz It also offers a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits and 1,000 nits of constant brightness.


The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros come with a built-in camera at the top of the display with 1080p resolution FaceTime with HD real-time face detection plus high-end computational video.

This camera also has several new features such as a larger aperture to let in light, offering twice the performance compared to previous generations.


The MacBook Pro 16 offers a wide sound system with audio delivered by 6 speakers, with stereo sound and 4 force-canceling woofers that work specially with the Dolby Atmos application, plus a dynamic distribution to support AirPods.

It shares a microphone system that offers high-quality audio input at the level of a professional studio, as well as good signal and noise distribution, with directional Beamforming technology.


This comes with an intelligent sensor that responds to abrupt changes that can occur inside and outside the processor, turning on the fan that works with a large intelligently designed airflow cooling components that are at critical temperatures.

The ventilation system that this laptop has is so efficient that the computer does not have the need to turn on the fans while doing simple activities.


It comes with a keyboard with ambient light LED sensor, along with an intelligently designed Touch ID, capable of guiding your finger to unlock your computer in a safe and very simple way.

This includes 78 keys and 12 standard function keys along with 4 inverted keys.

And if that were not enough… Ecological.

The MacBook Pro 16, with everything else mentioned; it is specially designed to be eco-friendly and have a minimal environmental footprint.

Its components are made of environmentally friendly materials, and along with that it has several pieces of recycled materials.

Having said all this, you will have understood why this computer is considered revolutionary. For all this and more, it is the laptop that everyone would like to have and one of the best options for professional work on the market.

You can buy the MacBook Pro 16 at Shop Duty Free with the best prices and offers on the market.