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The most compact and light laptop on the market returns with the new Apple Macbook Air. Find our offers in the Apple Store section and renew your laptop for a last generation Macbook Air.

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MacBook Air

To talk about Macbook Airs is to realize that in terms of this year's models, the Air has been upgraded to 10th-gen Intel Core processors (last year's version had 8th-gen chips). To begin with, we want to say that all the specifications that the Macbook Air has are incredible, so we encourage you to check it out for yourself. The base model maintains an excellent price and has a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, while the other model configuration has a 1.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 chip, 8GB of storage. RAM and up to 1TB of configurable storage. It is the first time that there is a 4-core MacBook Air, amazing right?

Macbook Air, world famous

Each of the new models features Intel's latest Iris Plus integrated graphics and can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM. Again, the Air comes in Gold, Silver, and Space Grey . The only thing you may not like is that all FaceTime HD webcams have 720p resolution. The new “Air” model is a bit more flexible than the last MacBook in this lineup, when it comes to ports, because it provides an extra USB-C port , so you have 2. Certainly, the MacBook Air is one of those. the best known Macs worldwide. It is not easy, when in the course of the company we see everything that has been achieved, it is advisable to review some products that seem made for that.

Apple has made incredible strides in technology

The truth is that this makes it clear to us everything that can be achieved through the years. In fact, Steve Jobs looked at the camera in a keynote in January 2008 and told everyone to look from the future, because the result for laptops is the same . If we look back, we go back to that date (twelve years ago) seems super far, we understand that there is something that divides us even more than time: the preconceived thinking of this article. We can speak from the beginning, one of the most important transformations of this new version: a keyboard with a scissor mechanism which manages to prevail over the butterfly mechanism, which has been a problem for the company. This type of keyboard was introduced to everyone in the MacBook Pro in November of last year, an improved implementation of the external keyboard that was already added with desktop iMacs and that had served them so well outside of the portable universe.

The new MacBook Air brings us innovative changes

Add the new Magic Keyboard, this one is really favorable because it is super comfortable. This innovative keyboard handles and feels very much like the 16" model, with a low-profile one millimeter of travel that cushions the stroke due to a rubber damper. The keys are very stable to use, because the diameter is just right Currently these are very favorable because they help us with the pulsations, to make them much more agile, although they are also good for the slow ones, with a tiny noise level and a super short optimal utilization curve: when you start using it we are sure that you will get used to it very easily. It is a curious thing that Apple highlights the innovative arrangement of arrow keys in reverse T. For this an explanation must be given, and that is that the company wants them to always occupy the same space as 3 "normal" keys, but differ from them in form.

Changes in the keyboard of the new Macbook Air

They are much more useful than it may seem to locate them easily by touch by lowering the position of the left and right arrow. And it is that even, speaking of "connecting dots" this idea comes from the oldest iMac keyboards. Today in the computer universe, the cursor keys were always separated from the main keyboard so that they could be represented as a cross, and it really wasted a lot of space and some people said that it was too far apart. With this new change, it is much easier to manage spreadsheets, for example, or to be connected in your favorite online game without having to go to see the little arrows .


An incredible super resistant material

The materials that have been implemented in the new Macbook Air are super resistant for daily use: the new MacBook Air is made with fully recycled six thousand series aluminum The main skeleton of this incredible laptop has been made with the same aluminum of the 6,000 series, which is also fully recycled, as part of the company's environmental move . It is an aluminum that has been heat treated, it has an incredible resistance that in fact is used for the creation of structures. As we mentioned, it is very resistant for daily use, accidental scratches will not cause marks and it is comfortable if you hold it with a good grip hand , even when moving.

They bet on the same colors

Apple continues to offer us the same colors that we already knew as mentioned above, and leaves aside the opportunity to be a little more innovative with darker or stronger tones, it would be a good change, but really the colors that they have used have always originated a great feeling in the users.

The screen is still fantastic

On the screen we have no news, but it continues to be the incredible 13.3-inch Retina LED IPS screen, with the well-known "True Tone" technology: The environmental sensors of the Macbook Air use a slight calibration of the brightness of the environment in real time and They adapt to the temperature of the colors that the screen has in order to avoid a shock of luminosity or contrast. If you are one of those who spends their time glued to your computer, we have very good news for you, and that is that the Macbook Air is much more comfortable to read , you can be there for a long time, without having to adapt any parameter by hand (but you can too).

Sound pickup is now amazing

If you get your Macbook Air you will notice an incredible improvement in sound pickup with 3 high quality microphones, but we continue to have the same 720p front camera . The truth is that it would be good for it to have a renewal so that it reaches 1080p, because there are currently many who work on TV. In fact, we must mention that it would not be a bad idea to add a small flash or white LED that is neutral for low light environments, with which we could have a perfect remote work team without having to resort to any extra accessories.

An amazing processor is the one in the Macbook Air

The revision of the MacBook Air that was released during the year 2018, dethrones the latest generation of Intel processors achieved by the company on the market. It's the 10th, the popular "Comet Lake" and it's very convenient for Apple's ultralight: Intel has created them for high-performance laptops , as convenient to move entertainment software as they are to become content creation tools. We should even mention that one of the most important points, precisely in this generation of processors, is precisely the support for multi-threaded apps that require high performance.


The configuration is very versatile

The configuration of this processor makes us more versatile, now we can select between a base model i3, or even a 4-core i5/i7 for those who require more agility in calculation. If we compare a Macbook Air with a 1.1 Ghz 4-core Intel Core i5, it resembles a Mac mini with a 3.2 Ghz 6-core i7 processor. Or to an iMac also with an i7 processor at 3.6 Ghz running with 4 cores. Clearly, this is all a theoretical comparison, but it does give us an idea of the theoretical performance of Intel's incredible 10th generation processors, thought as mentioned at the beginning in energy efficiency and power. And it is that all the improvements the new graphics card and processor make this ultralight portable Macbook can manage a 6K monitor like Apple's popular Pro Display XDR.

The graphics card is amazing

The relevant changes are not only in the new processor: all versions of this incredible MacBook Air have the new Intel Iris Plus Graphics, one of the most recently added graphics . Said card has a new architecture or that means that there are more graphic execution units: 64 in the case of the i5 or i7 and 48 in the case of the Core i3. The theoretical increase makes it clear that it can be up to eighty percent faster for apps with high graphic demand. Many results place it at the same height, for example, as other systems that mount speeds 3 times more powerful (this MacBook Air with an i5 at 1.1 and 4 cores has almost the same fruit as a system with an i5 at 3.3 Ghz and 4 cores too ). We must emphasize that this power allows us to even manage the connection to a 6K Apple Pro Display XDR (or any other 6K monitor), 2 4K monitors or a 5K monitor. Aside from the laptop's Retina display, the graphical improvement of this generation is indisputable . It also links to external graphics processors , all using Thunderbolt 3 technology (and its incredible 40Gb/s bandwidth).

Macbook Air, a highly mobile device

For its use, it could be the perfect Macbook for some expert who has a high-end monitor in the study or office, but needs a highly mobile computer like the MacBook Air that they can take away from their work site. With this, we are sure that you can use it anywhere with great performance, and complete your work in your office with the largest monitors available in your organization. Or even to use the monitor that you have as an expanded desktop, which is always a good option to improve ergonomics when we are not going from one place to another.


Its comfort will surprise you

For daily use it is really very comfortable, even with office application virtualizers or operating systems. Apps on the innovative MacBook Air work smoothly, whether in office apps such as iMovie, Photoshop or Lightroom . In case you are going to work with large files in these apps, we advise you to expand to 16GB of memory, this will give your team much more agility. In fact, operating system virtualizers have been tested, running Windows 10 Pro and VMware Fusion 11.5, working seamlessly, switching between the two OSs and sharing information. In the case of Windows , have been able to run the latest versions of Excel with complicated formulas and much more.

The MacBook Air is here to stay

The MacBook Air continues to be an exemplary model in Apple history and today is the entry point into Apple's portable universe – packed with great features while keeping all the great ideas of the last generation . Included in these ideas is the huge multi-touch trackpad, the Touch ID with T2 chip, the fantastic Retina display, or the good quality speakers.