iPhone 14 Plus

The new Iphone 14 Plus has arrived on the market, ready to satisfy even the most demanding needs of each of its users, and at Shopdutyfree we offer you the opportunity to acquire this great equipment at a low cost. Do not miss it!

iPhone 14 Plus

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iPhone 14 Plus

Apple is a renowned company that has captivated the world of technology with its incredible products, characterized by their excellent performance. It is for this reason that today in this post we bring you the newest that has hit the market, the iPhone 14 Plus , the sensation in the industry due to its magnificent features that will make you want to get it right away.

Definitely, Apple has always captivated each of its customers with its new products, and of course this is no exception. In addition to a new telephone equipment, there are a lot of new functions that are part of the trends that the world of technology is imposing on a daily basis.

This company is a little box of secrets, which due to the quality of its products and, of course, the receptivity of its customers, has positioned itself in the market over the years.

iPhone 14 Plus has reached the market , ready to satisfy even the most demanding needs of each of its users . Because it is so, this company always gives prominence to the opinion of its buyers, continually seeking their well-being.

For this reason, at Shopdutyfree.es we offer you the opportunity to acquire this great equipment at a low cost. With the best recommendations, and the best care you can find in the market.

What is the iPhone 14 Plus?

Surely in these instances you will be wondering what is the iPhone 14 Plus? Well, this is the latest equipment that has been released by this company. Along with his particular firstborn, the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 Plus does not have much difference in price compared to other equipment in its category. However, it has a lot of new features that make netizens prefer it.


Most likely, at this point the question arises, what makes the iPhone 14 Plus different? And, it is that its appearance is larger in scale compared to the iPhone 14.

But let's take a moment, and before specifying each of its features and innovations that this device brings to you, let's learn a little about the iPhone line that has been commissioned to offer the best devices around the world.

In addition to innovating in each of their new releases, always improving in terms of quality-price, it is what in one way or another has forged them as one of the greats in the industry.

Origin of the iPhone line

iPhone is a very well-known company worldwide, which you have probably heard about for a long time. But do you really know its origin? And it is that all this success has not been the product of magic art, but rather of long years of work, accompanied by a masterful formula of always satisfying the client.

For this reason, it is time to learn about the history of this impressive company, which has undoubtedly become one of the favorites of consumers.

The company with the characteristic apple logo was formally founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne . Where? Believe it or not, this whole idea of creating electronic equipment and software arose in the garage of the Jobs compound, specifically in the city of California.

Its first release to the market was a computer, which had minute features compared to those produced by the company today. But, by then, they were the sensation in society.

At present we could say that this equipment had an approximate value of three thousand dollars , but despite its price, it was crowded in the market, it was not a stumbling block to its success. Therefore, he continued working on it and four years later, in December 1980, he managed to enter the United States market, one of the most important economically.

Macintosh was how they baptized their first modern computer , which had a much more personalized interface, with a keyboard and a mouse available to the consumer. Since, thanks to its creators, it did not require any type of annoying configuration to start enjoying its functions.

And that is how, over the years, this company was consolidated with the creation of teams that each time exceed the expectations of the previous one.

All the news of the iPhone 14 Plus

Knowing each of the details that we have told you, you must be anxious at this moment to know all the secrets that the iPhone 14 Plus has up its sleeve.

Needless to say, their amazing teams have always exceeded their clients' expectations. And for this reason, he always keeps us in suspense of the new trends and mechanisms that he uses in his new releases.


The world of technology brings new changes on a daily basis and of course iPhone cannot go unnoticed . So it is important that you are aware of each of the wonders that this company offers to each of its users, while you slide your screen from one of the devices in this important range.

Therefore, rest assured that you will not be disappointed when purchasing this equipment, in addition to the fact that it is no secret to anyone that they will make your technological life much easier and simpler.


One of the innovative features contained in this new device, the iPhone 14 Plus , is accessibility for people with visual, motor, hearing and cognitive disabilities. Which notoriously facilitates its operation.

However, by obtaining this equipment you will have a sensor that allows the detection of doors through the use of a magnifying glass in detail . Accompanied by a series of instructions through audio and text that indicate what action you must perform.

Similarly, if you have difficulty seeing, sound recognition will become your best friend. This new addition to the iPhone range has the functionality of amplifying any type of conversation, through the use of hearing devices.

And, as if that were not enough, it has an ideal program to guarantee compatibility with special hearing aids.

The iPhone 14 Plus is an inclusive device, worrying about any disability it is a task of the past.

Ecological manufacturing

iPhone not only thinks about the well-being of its users, but also about the conservation of the environment . This industry has made the iPhone 14 Plus part of its program called zero waste. Based on the elimination of each of the waste by the suppliers.

Each of the facilities of this important company is designed under the use of renewable energy and, in the same way, in each of the manufacturing processes of Apple products.

TrueDepth Camera

The TrueDepth camera has an aperture of ƒ/1.9 accompanied by a special lens with six elements, including the retina flash that produces better photo quality in just a couple of seconds.

The visualization of colors in this equipment will no longer be a problem, since it brings with it a wide range of tones that allow landscapes to be appreciated in their maximum splendor.

Likewise, cinematic video stabilization is another feature you can get in this feature. Making a fusion of a double 12 MP Wide-angle camera, with a Zoom that you can zoom in and out to the maximum detail.

The innovation of this edition is the creation of a lens covered with sapphire material . Able to withstand heavy blows, pressure and resistance to any type of situation that seems dangerous to human life.

To all this, add the different photographic styles and the red eye correction to forget once and for all those photos with eyes of resplendent hue.


Panoramic photos

With the iPhone 14 Plus camera, taking good graphics will no longer be just movie stuff, thanks to the function of panoramic photos now you can enjoy incredible images that will captivate not only your eyes, but also your profile on social networks.

Wide format photos are the ones you can get in your gallery thanks to this new equipment. Definitely, you can't let it go unnoticed, it's time to get a team at your level in our branches.


One of the incredible features that this equipment has is the barometer, an instrument capable of measuring atmospheric pressure or, failing that, air pressure. Similarly, the proximity sensor can detect objects at great distances ideal for helping people with impaired vision.

Two ambient light sensors is one of the points in its favor that the iPhone 14Plus has within its functions. With them you can determine all the weather conditions around you and surrounding areas.

Photo and video editing options

Not only does the team's design bring a new range of colors and designs, but now you can also edit your photos and videos in a couple of steps thanks to its incredible software.

With the new cameras, looking in detail along with a couple of settings will make you get the best photos of your friends on the networks. As if they were made by an expert staff in the field, take advantage of it and enjoy this incredible option.


Making life easier for users, when creating your profile you can choose a style that characterizes you. Thus, it will adapt just at the moment of any photograph automatically.

But don't worry, you can change it as many times as you think necessary. Just access the configuration panel and that's it, your style will be changed to your preference and requirements as a user. Pick the one that works best for you, and let the team do the hard work.


What better duo than a good camera accompanied by an excellent screen? And it is that the Super Retina XDR Screen is part of this team, with a resolution of 2778 x 1284 pixels at 458 ppi.

Its corners are usually rounded, curves that make a perfect match with the design of this equipment. The screen is 6.68 inches diagonally. Ideal to enjoy the best videos and graphics in general.

Chip A15 Bionic

This is a chip designed exclusively by the Apple system , you can use it without any problem on the iPhone 14 Plus. It is one of the fastest in the world of telephone equipment, which includes two high-performance cores.


There are many benefits that you will have when you get this device, among them its incredible software that, of course, has not been left behind in the world of technology, and that has nothing to envy the competition.


With the iPhone 14 Plus you can view videos for up to 20 hours and play audio for up to 80 hours. With regard to battery recharging, this will no longer be a problem, since it has a fast charging system, with an adapter of 20 W or more.


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