iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you still want more, Apple gives you more! With your new iPhone 13 Pro Max, the experience exceeds what you imagined. If you are a fan of Apple technology, this is your device since it has the best autonomy as far as Smartphone is concerned, not to mention performance and capacity. It's quite a Winner!

iPhone 13 Pro Max

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iPhone 13 ProMax

What comes to mind when you want to think of a good mobile? Several companies may come to mind, several different models, however, the first thing that appears in our minds when thinking of a high-quality mobile is the iPhone, and today we present its latest and best device; the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Perhaps "Pro Max" sounds like a lot of hyperbole, however, it is little compared to how really powerful this mobile can be, it is a poor name for a device that deserves the name of a superhero.

We are talking about an Apple creation, and not only that, an iPhone, even more, the latest iPhone, and even we are still missing; We are talking about the latest iPhone in its most optimal version, nothing more and nothing less than the Pro Max version.

Next, we will give you all the details you need to know about the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is such an incredible mobile device that you are sure to end up loving it. Shopdutyfree.es is your trusted virtual store, where you can always find the best products at the best prices, and even with the best offers.

What is the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Already putting our feet on the ground, what exactly is the iPhone 13 Pro Max? It is the best version of the iPhone 13 line, with 2 younger brothers, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 mini.

With "Best version" we mean the most optimized, with the greatest capabilities and most calibrated today.

It is a mobile device that has reached the market with all the intention of being the best of the best, the latest in technology , the latest in software, hardware and extra capabilities.


In other words, this phone is the best of the best, the latest and most intelligently improved; for you, the consumer who has not the slightest intention of getting something outdated or with minimized utilities, but rather a whole machine with all its parts ready to work day and night for you, with great efficiency .

As the latest iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has everything that was good about the old versions of iPhone, but with its improvements multiplied by a thousand . The more you investigate about this mobile device, the more you will find additions that may seem too good to be true, but they are not a lie.

Only, to talk about its capabilities 100%, it is better to first understand the line of iPhone smartphones and what makes it so special, what makes it so well known and acclaimed by the general public.

The line of iPhone mobiles

Nothing more and nothing less than iPhone, synonymous with current affairs, quality and modernity ; only where does so much merit come from? Well, that's not a difficult question to answer.

iPhone has merit on its own, but most of it comes from the side of Apple, which is an American company behind several high-end electronic devices, software, hardware and services , and highly demanded in the market for it.

Apple is a company that in its beginnings was only dedicated to the software and hardware of average electronic equipment; but that little by little it was building the empire that it is today including all the lines of devices for which they are so well known today.

After his first successes, which were equipment and computers relatively ahead of his time, he improved and brought more and more products to the market; which were acquiring popularity and were little by little better known in the collective imagination.

With this, series or lines such as MacBooks, iPads, iPods, and iPhones became more than known today; each one made its own revolution in its area of the market and today they are products that continue to cause a stir among the masses for their incredible capacity, modernity, and above all quality.

For this and more, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has become a trend in recent times, as it is nothing more and nothing less than the best smartphone that has been made so far, counting everything it has to offer us and other features. and extra additions.

News of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

After all this introduction; It is time to discover the incredibly superior capabilities of this mobile, all the good things it has to offer us plus all the surprising and unorthodox things it brings with it.

A mobile device like the iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of shining by itself, with all its new features, added to those it already brings with it from previous iPhones; underestimating would be a fatal mistake.

Each new line of iPhone devices is a revolution, so it is to be expected that every time a new iPhone comes out on the market there will be a furor from the public; for it is already well known that it will leave nothing to be desired, but may be too much for some people's hands.

It's time to show why it's so good; Below are the main features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, offered by Shopdutyfree.es so that you can get to know this wonderful mobile device.

Ceramic Shield

Everyone is worried that their mobiles will fall and the screen will break or some component will be damaged; with the iPhone 13 Pro Max this is a thing of the past.

With the Ceramic Shield and metal cover of this wonderful mobile device, unless you drop it from a roof or a second floor, you don't have to worry about any knocks on it.

The Ceramic Shield is especially outstanding in this aspect since it is a glass hardened at high temperatures, with special chemicals and also with ceramic additions; thing that gives an enormous hardness to the mobile screen, which is not negligible at all.

Ceramic Shield technology has been a part of iPhone since the last generation, since the iPhone 12, which was highly praised for its incredible ability to withstand bumps and drops, which didn't feel like the screen was actually made of glass.


IP68 resistance

And it's not just shock resistant; but also resistant to the elements. This mobile is one of the few electronic devices that can award the title of IP68 resistance.

What does that mean? Well, it refers to the normalizing measure of an international standard under which electronic devices are governed, and measures how resistant it is to solids (such as dust) and liquids (such as water).

IP68 stands for Ingress Protection or Ingress Protection, and refers to how protected an electronic device is against the 2 most common environmental adversities; dust and moisture.

The first number marks the protection against solids, and the second against liquids; in this case 6 and 8 are the maximum amount of both scales; so the iPhone 13 Pro Max is more than protected against these types of environmental adversities.

3 cameras, your 3 new eyes

Nothing more and nothing less than 3 cameras, a whole new way of seeing the world and interpreting it through the screen of an electronic device, in fact, it will almost seem that the cameras of this iPhone see better than your own eyes.

3 unique cameras, with their own characteristics and functionality, and yet capable of working together and offering video and image quality that would be difficult to achieve with another mobile device; being something closer to what we would see in a cinema.

macro photography

You will no longer have to suffer from not being able to take quality macrophotographs, with the incredible Zoom capacity of this camera you can photograph or record what is far as close and what is close as if you had shrunk.

night mode

The 3 amazing cameras of the i Phone 13 Pro Max are now capable of capturing twice as much light with their lenses, turning the photos that with other devices would look like black spots; a whole work of art between lights and shadows.

Especially the Ultra Wide Angle camera is capable of capturing 92% more light compared to other smartphone cameras on the market, making it an eminence.


Options when editing photos and videos

But hardware upgrades aren't everything; the software also intervenes in the incredible ability of the iPhone 13 Pro Max cameras to capture a moment of reality, editing is what turns these moments into authentic works of art.

The style

There is a new function that allows you to introduce a photographic style in the system and with it the photos you take will be automatically edited guided by your previously established parameters.

In this way you will not have to edit all the images you have and adapt them to your personal style , but the application itself with the help of an AI will do it for you.

cinema mode

The cinema mode is a great addition to all of the above, with it you can focus and blur videos without damaging the files or forcing them to remain as they were after editing, but they can be focused in the same application.

That is, you can record a scene of the most common and then with the cinema mode adapt it to look like a whole movie, with totally professional shots at your fingertips.

A new super screen

With the new 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, it is nothing more and nothing less than one of the best screens (if not the best) that you can find on a smartphone.


It is a screen with more brightness, more color, more sharpness, more speed of movement; just more and more, it has nothing to do less.

Refresh rate (Hz)

With ProMotion technology this incredible screen is capable of oscillating between 10 updates per second to 120, or in simpler terms, between 10 and 120 Hz.

It has the ability to adapt to the conditions to which the screen is subjected and those that are most optimal for the system; In the case of a game, a video or a movie, the screen is capable of going to 120 Hz , and in case the device is at rest, it can reduce it to 10 Hz, which improves battery saving.


And if that were not enough, the iPhone 13 Pro Max system, both in hardware and software, is greatly improved; with loads of new updates that will make you feel like you're using a machine from the future.

The wonderful SoC system

The SoC system, System On a Chip translated into Spanish as System On a Chip, is a particularly representative Apple technology that is included in all its products due to its great utility and versatility.

It is about integrating the general components of an electronic equipment, such as RAM memory or the processor; on a single, more compact circuitry; in this way it becomes much faster and more efficient than having all the parts working separately.

a superior battery

In addition to everything mentioned above, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a very high-level battery, being the best battery in an iPhone so far; surpassing its previous versions with a 2.5 hours more.

Were you looking for the iPhone 13 Pro Max at the best price? You are in the right place!

Finally, we are talking about one of the best smartphones that can be found on the market, without a doubt a great opportunity that you cannot miss, right here, within reach of a click.

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