Payment methods:

ShopDutyFree always at the forefront of new technologies, which is why we offer our customers the best payment.

  1. ShopDutyFree UP receive the product and pay seven days later without additional costs and guaranteed delivery.
  2. Payments split in collaboration with SeQura. Buy 3, 6 or 12 installments with no fees, no additional costs, only 3 to €5 (for orders over €200) per share. Immediate confirmation and guaranteed delivery without delay. The first installment is paid by credit card and the rest as doing better, debit card or bank transfer. Payments will also be advanced and paid in full. For orders over €50. Example buy €500. In 3 installments: TIN fixed 0% APR 43.09%, cost per share: €5. Total order cost €515. In 6 installments: TIN fixed 0% APR 32.79%, cost per share: €5. Total order cost: €530. In 12 installments: TIN fixed 0% APR 28.79%, cost per share: €5. Total order cost €560.
  3. Debit and credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club
  4. Bank transfer

Smarter payment gateways: SeQura, Servired, Telebanco, 4B, Iupay, PayPal

Why the payment on our website are safer?

  • We do not store your financial information on our website.

  • All transactions are encrypted using HTTPS protocol.

  • Receive your product without first paying.

  • Warranty: yes, 100% delivery guarantee in case of default will refund your money.