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iPad & iPad Pro Accessories

Do you want to find the best accessories for iPad & iPad Pro? Know more about these products? If so, you have come to the right place. In this section we not only show you our best products, we also talk about the types of iPad & iPad Pro accessories that you will find.

What accessories does an iPad & iPad Pro include?

As you know, tablets are computers that have been focused on entertainment by users. Through them you can watch series and movies on Netflix, or watch videos on YouTube. In addition, you also have the possibility to download and play common video games on consoles. However, the potential of Apple tablets has grown considerably in recent years, to the point that the latest iPad & iPad pro models outperform laptops and even desktop computers in capacity and performance. Of course, these devices still lack applications that make them useful in the vast majority of work fields. That said, the strong point of the iPad & iPad Pro is that they are much easier to transport than laptops or ultrabooks. So, to answer the question posed above, here's a series of accessories that not only improve your user experience with iPad & iPad Pro, but also improve your performance in work and learning environments. With that said, let's get started!

Types of accessories for iPad & iPad Pro

iPad devices have a wide variety of accessories, to the point that it can be tedious to examine them all one by one. For this reason, this time we will classify them into types to cover the vast majority of them in a general way and we will limit ourselves to mentioning a few products. Thus, the types of devices that we will describe below are: supports; cases, keyboards, wireless keyboards, tradpack and accessories that allow you to write and draw on the iPad. It should be noted that several of these iPad & iPad Pro accessories are sold separately, but you can also find stores that sell them together . That said, let's start with the iPad stands.

iPad Stands

There is a wide range of this type of accessories for iPad, but the main function of all of them is to be able to adjust the viewing angle or the height of the iPad . This function, although simple, is not possessed by iPads by themselves, unlike Microsoft's tablet-hybrids. Of course, there's also the convenience of not having to hold your computer at all times, but simply leaving it on a cradle so you have both hands free to work or watch a video more comfortably. As for the types of supports you can get, it has the simple ones; with multi-angle, light, adjustable, non-slip and with clamps . Likewise, you can also find models that have a large part of these qualities. One product that we recommend you take a look at is the Lamicall multi-angle adjustable stand , which is made of aluminum, has a sleek design, is lightweight and is suitable for iPads and even iPhones with screens from 5 to 12 inches.

iPad Cases

Another type of simple but highly appreciated accessory is the iPad case. The cases allow you to comfortably transport your equipment , as well as surround it with a surface that prevents the screen from suffering scratches. or small breaks when fully exposed. You can also get covers of different colors and designs separately in case you want to opt for a more attractive model. However, you can also buy it together with other iPad & iPad Pro accessories like keyboards and mice. Our recommendation is that, if you want a unique and attractive product, look for iPad covers in virtual stores such as Shopdutyfree.

keyboards and mice

While many iPad users feel comfortable operating the computer's touch screen, there are others who prefer to integrate a keyboard and mouse to comfortably carry out work in their work or university area . So, we have that you can transform your iPad into a laptop by integrating these accessories, which in most cases are sold together. As if that were not enough, you can also get offers in which they add a cover and a keyboard stand. That said, we recommend looking for products like the Logitech Combo Touch, the Slim Folio Pro, the Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard, the foldable wireless keyboard with other features from Poweradd, or the OMOTON, the latter suitable for iPads with 9-inch screens. ,7 inches.


writing and drawing accessories

Finally, we have the iPad & iPad Pro accessories most appreciated by professional writers and artists. Apple Pencil and related products are digital pens that let you write or draw directly on your iPad screen . Of course, these functions could already be done with or without an integrated keyboard, but they were limited to some extent by the settings of the applications. On the other hand, with a digital pen you have more freedom to create designs, logos or drawings as if you were doing them in a small notebook , not to mention that it offers greater comfort than doing the same work by pressing the touch screen with your finger. Thus, some writing and drawing accessories for iPads that we suggest you review are the Logitech Crayon, the Stylus (common, Zspeed or Urisco) and the first and second generation Apple Pencils.

Tips for choosing an iPad & iPad Pro accessory

The first piece of advice we would like to give you this time is to always buy iPad & iPad Pro accessories with full compatibility . There are times when, looking for the cheapest, we opt for products outside the Apple brand. However, this can lead to the device not being compatible with your equipment and you will end up losing your money. Therefore, to avoid headaches, try to invest in accessories for iPad & iPad Pro that have an Apple certification. The second thing we advise you to do, which is related to compatibility, is to check the connectivity of the accessory . Many of the iPad models use a USB type C port , so you will have to invest in connectors of the same type. Finally, the weight of the accessories should not present you with major mishaps. Again, official Apple products have the right weight and compatibility to fit into any iPad. Therefore, if you buy an external product, make sure that it complies with this.

Other iPad & iPad Pro accessories you might be interested in

Now that we've pretty much covered most of the types of accessories available for iPad, we'd like to spend the rest of this section telling you about some of the products we have available in our store that you might be interested in . We have already mentioned some of them in the previous section, but now we will dedicate a small section to describe them in a particular way. Clarified this, we will start with the Apple Pencil that we have on offer.

Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd Generation)

If you are a professional or hobby graphic designer, then you should invest in an Apple Pencil to make your creations easier. This model in particular allows you to make different strokes depending on the pressure and inclination that you apply to it , in such a way that you can make very fine lines, but also shadows within your drawing. So, you can find the first generation Apple Pencil in our store, but we also have the second generation available, so we recommend choosing the one that is compatible with your iPad model.


iPad Smart Cover Cases

One of our best-selling products, the iPad Smart Cover serves as both decoration and protection for your iPad. On the one hand, it is made from a piece of polyurethane that protects the screen of your computer , in such a way that if you drop it or receive a blow, it does not suffer damage. On the other hand, the outer fabric is available in different colors such as black, white, green, blue, pink, among others. With this we have ensured that you can choose the cover that is most to your liking and according to your personality. Another positive element that is worth noting is that you can fold this accessory into different positions and you can even use it as a stand for your iPad while you are writing, reading, watching a movie or participating in a video call. Finally, you can easily mount and remove the Smart Phone case from your device at any time, giving you the ability to remove the case whenever you want.

iPad Smart Keyboard for different models

As for iPad keyboards, we recommend investing in the Smart Keyboard. It is a product compatible with iPad Air , iPad (seventh and eighth generation) and iPad Pro. Also, the connectivity of this keyboard is docking type and its device interface is called Smart Connector. In addition, this keyboard is available in black and in Spanish language. Therefore, if you want to integrate a keyboard with which you can type comfortably into your iPad, then we suggest this particular product.

iPad Pro Screen Protector

Screen protectors are one of the most basic accessories of any portable device. As their name suggests, these items are designed to protect your computer's screen, thus preventing it from being bumped or scratched. Thus, the screen protector that we have available for iPad Pro is made of tempered glass to guarantee greater resistance and durability . Apart from that, the protector is transparent so that you can perfectly appreciate what appears on the computer screen. That said, we also have screen protectors compatible with other iPad models available in our store.

Airpods Wireless Charging Case


By the way, if you happen to have some Airpods and are looking for a charging case, let us tell you that we have a couple available. As you already know, these cases do not need a cable to work and are easily activated by simply placing the Airpods inside the case and then closing it . In addition, it is such a small and light product that you can take it everywhere in any situation. That said, we remind you that we are only selling the charging case. This product does not come with Airpods included, so if you are interested in the latter. We recommend looking for them separately in our store.

Apple Lightning USB Camera Adapter

Finally, we want to offer you some Apple Lightning camera adapters. These accessories in their different formats allow you to take photos and videos with a high-resolution camera, so you can transfer them to your iPad quickly and easily . Also, once you connect the device with your iPad, the latter automatically opens the photo gallery, allowing you to choose which photos and videos you want to import to your computer. In addition, it allows you to organize all of the above in different albums. Another aspect worth mentioning is that the Apple Lightning brings greater capacity and versatility to your iPad by using a USB power adapter in this accessory. By doing the latter you can connect it to other peripheral devices such as Hubs, SD, etc. So, although this is not an essential accessory to take professional photos or videos with your iPad, Apple Lightning improves the efficiency of your team in this area even more, not to mention that you will have a greater storage capacity at hand .

Other products that might interest you

Having exposed all of the above, we remind you that in our online store you can get the best in iPhone, iPads, Mac, MacBook and their respective accessories at an excellent price. Likewise, if you want to know more information about them, you simply have to take a look at the sections that we have prepared for you on each page. Finally, we ask that if you have any type of doubt or inconvenience, please contact us as soon as possible, since we want to offer you the best possible service.